Certified Risk Management Uganda

Key Strategic Elements



“Public and Private sector transformation (or value creation) driven by Risk Management”
CRMP’s goal is for its clients, in the public and private sectors, to provide maximum value for their stakeholders by embedding a Risk Management Culture that hinges on the adoption and application of effective risk management strategies and practices that will ultimately drive Public and Private sector transformation and service delivery.



“To enhance the practice of Risk Management through skills development,
collaboration and partnerships, and knowledge sharing, with reference to best



CRMP will always put the interests of its clients at the fore front of all the services and products it delivers. CRMP exists to serve its clients and they come first!


CRMP is dedicated to serving with honesty, high professional and ethical standards. CRMP also ensures that all its processes and systems put in place will perform as intended in an impaired manner, free from unauthorized manipulation, whether intentional or accidental.

Team work

CRMP shall rely on its employees, clients and partners to work together in order to create value and foster a mutually beneficial relationship.


CRMP will always aim at coming with new and creative services and products that will support our clients and achieve CRMP’s goals and objectives.

These are the bedrock values of CRMP. These principles shall be held in the highest regard at all times and form the basis of our actions and interactions. These ideas are essential to establish and maintaining honorable and proud traditions of CRMP. The following traits are behaviors or characteristics that will be valued by all membership and are essential for a positive and productive environment that
identifies CRMP.