Certified Risk Management Uganda

Strategic Objectives

Strategic Objectives are action statements that describe what CRMP must do and continuously improve to be successful over time. Strategic objectives are the basic building blocks of strategy and will define CRMP’s strategic intent. The objectives are developed taking into account the need to address the pains identified during the organisational assessment.

ObjectiveObjective CommentaryIntended Outcomes
Customer/Stakeholder Perspective
Increase CRMP Client SatisfactionCRMP will provide services and products that add value to the clients’ business and satisfy their needs.More satisfied Clients of CRMP
Improve utilization of RM ServicesCRMP aims at supporting its clients and stakeholders to institutionalize, adopt and utilize Risk Management as a tool to drive value creationMore institutions using RM for value creation and protection
Financial Perspective
Reduce cost of doing businessCRMP will aim to us RM as a tool to support its clients to be more cost effective and increase value for money.Reduced resource wastage

Increased value for money
Increase investment in Risk ManagementCRMP will aim at influencing increased resourcing of the Risk Management function in public and private sectors as a means of creating and protecting value.Increased resourcing of the RM function
Business Process Perspective
Increase awareness of Risk ManagementCRMP will improve awareness and appreciation of Risk Management as a tool for driving organizational performance.Increased appreciation of RM in public and private institutions
Strengthen PartnershipsCRMP will continuously look to engage and collaborate with identified stakeholders to support the adoption and utilization of Risk ManagementMore partnerships established
Improve Quality of RM Services and ProductsCRMP will look to provide a wide range of Risk Management services and products that are tailored to the needs of our clients and stakeholdersMore tailored Risk Management services and products available to stakeholders
Organisational Perspective
Enhance Knowledge and SkillsCRMP will attract, develop and retain competent and skilled talent which is able to translate knowledge and skills into tangible results for competitive advantage. This is intended to create a pool of specialised professional experts to deliver the CRMP’s goals and objectives. It also means that CRMP staff are a point of reference for expert knowledge and skills and are a benchmark in the Region. Enhanced areas of specialisation

Skilled, and engaged workforce

Motivated and productive workforce
Improve Tools and TechnologyCRMP shall adopt fit for purpose tools and technology that is responsive to its operational needs.Improved process efficiency
Strengthen Research and InnovationCRMP shall facilitate open innovation and encourage applied research and Development in all aspects of the organisational business.

CRMP shall also utilise research findings to inform decision-making and employ new ways of doing business. Employees shall also be aware of, and apply techniques based on current developments in the industry
Innovation driven processes, services and products